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Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Martin Woods and I’ve been helping Manchester-based businesses with their search engine optimisation for over six years.

Ever wondered what your existing Manchester SEO company is doing for you? I would never call myself an expert SEO, but I’ve been part of many highly successful SEO campaigns for Manchester companies in the past.

If you are already with an Manchester SEO agency I can offer audits to establish if you are getting value for money from your existing SEO supplier. Please contact me for more details on how I can help your business.

Chinese New Year in Manchester
Chinese New Year in Manchester

With over 2.55 million people living within the city, Manchester is officially the largest city in the UK outside of London. Notable not only for being home to two of the world’s largest and most popular football teams, Manchester is also a great multicultural city that celebrates a vast appreciation of music, art, food and history.

Found with the Cheshire Plains to the west and the Pennines to the east, it is also one of the oldest settlements in the UK, having been established in AD 79 as the Roman Fort of Mamucium.

Although the fort turned into a long-term settlement, even after the departure of the Romans, the town experienced relatively little growth until the beginnings of the industrial revolution; a fate shared by many towns and cities in Northern England.

Manchester’s primary industry during the revolution was cotton, which was contrasting to the harshness of Sheffield’s steel or Barnsley’s coal. The city was so invested in the production of the material that it was even dubbed ‘Cottonopolis’ and the term “Manchester” is still used for household linens in New Zealand and Australia.

Before long, the city developed an astonishing array of industries and was once again dubbed with a nickname, but this time it was known as “the greatest industrial city in the world,” as tens of thousands flocked to the city every year from all over the country in search of work.

What’s more, the Manchester Ship Canal was completed in 1894 and ran 36 miles from Salford to Eastham Locks on the tidal Mersey, enabling ocean-going ships to sail right into the heart of Manchester.

Despite the heavy presence of capitalism, although perhaps to no surprise, Manchester is also a defining feature in the history of Communism, as it is the place where Frederic Engels and Karl Marx would meet up and discuss their politics. Communism aside, Manchester is also the birthplace of the Labour Party and the Suffragette Movement.

Although, like much of the UK, Manchester experienced a vastly mixed 20th century, with the Blitz and the downturn of the economy during the 1970s and 1980s. Today the city is known as the “Capital of the North” and is rated as the second most influential city in the UK after London.

Manchester SEO agencies

Like Leeds, Sheffield and Harrogate, there are a great many marketing companies within the centre of the city, including:

  • BJL
  • Delineo
  • TWBA
  • SLG
  • Red Cow Media
  • PushON
  • Voodoo Agency
  • UPSearch Digital

In fact, much like Leeds, Manchester enjoys a wealthy mix of search engine optimisation, digital marketing and advertising companies that are numerous and creative enough to compete with the growing number of giant agencies found within London.

Helped of course by the numerous universities found within Manchester, over the past ten years digital life has grown at an astonishing rate and start-ups are being established on a seemingly daily basis. This of course might be helped by the fact that Manchester enjoys the 9th lowest tax cost of any city in the world, is within the top 30 cities in the world for investment and is 24th in the global innovation city league tables – overtaking both Stuttgart and Tokyo.

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