If you Google a generic phrase like ‘SEO Consultant’, I can guarantee that you will find hundreds or even thousands of people who claim to be an ‘SEO Expert’. It’s so easy to say you do SEO, but what matters is results, right?

I agree, and that’s why you shouldn’t just take my word for it when it comes to working with me!

Over the years I’ve worked with a diverse range of clients, from international multi-billion pound brands, to well-known high street brand names and local companies. I treat all projects exactly the same, providing the best SEO advice I can for the circumstances, which will also stand the test of time. This way any future Google updates won’t adversely affect your business.

Unfortunately, due to non-disclosure agreements, the majority of clients that I have worked with do not allow me to publish their details online, but they many have allowed me to use them as examples in private. If you would like to see more testimonials, please contact me.


Bespoke SEO Service

Martin Woods

Martin is extremely knowledgeable in his field, and his approach is very different to many other 'SEO companies'. We had a highly bespoke requirement, he took the time to fully understand our business, how we work and what we wanted from an SEO strategy. The advice we were given was spot on and incredibly insightful. It has helped us de-risk our business and has also added profit. Very glad to have found him!

Photo of Ben Sky

Very glad to have found him!

Desperately needed expert help

Martin Woods

...the company we had been paying thousands of pounds to for SEO had been ‘spamming’ our results by creating links to our site - over thirteen and a half thousand of them! These were all junk, links from porn sites and spoof sites etc. and we were totally unaware of their existence.

We desperately needed expert help and guidance from someone who wasn’t out to rip us off (a not uncommon occurrence in this business I have come to understand).

Thank you Martin. I am sure that we would no longer be in business without your guidance and support.

Photo of Tom Gill

Thank you Martin. I am sure that we would no longer be in business without your guidance and support.

An exceptional job in removing a Google Manual Action

Martin Woods

Martin did an exceptional job in removing a Google Manual Action penalty given to one of the larger e-commerce websites belonging to our group.

The penalty was removed on the first submission and they carried out this task with a high level of dedication and skill, impressing us with their passion and knowledge.

I strongly recommend Martin & SALT agency to carry out any other similar briefs.

Photo of Jeff Whitfield

removed on the first submission

Efficient, effective and organized

Martin Woods

I contacted Martin for help on a website that was suffering in the SEO department. We didn’t know how to diagnose our problems, nor how to prioritize our limited resources moving forward. Martin was efficient, effective and organized at grasping the complex history of our site, utilizing a number of valuable tools and steering us in positive directions. I was impressed that we got so much accomplished in such a short amount of time – a way more valuable use of time than with another SEO we had previously worked with. My time spent with Martin was valuable, and I greatly appreciate that he was empathetic to our specific business goals (it’s rare to find a third-party that cares about your business in the way you do!).  I’d work with him again in a heartbeat and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a true expert.

Photo of Kevin Weiss

highly recommend him to anyone looking for a true expert

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