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Martin Woods -  UK SEO Consultant

Hi my name is Martin Woods, I’m a SEO (search engine optimisation) and online marketing consultant based in Leeds, Harrogate and London, UK.

I can trace my relationship with computers back to my early school days, when I was sat in front of a shared computer on wheels (we didn’t have one each back then, we had one per school) playing a game called Granny’s Garden on a BBC Micro. Back then using a computer was a real treat, we didn’t actually have a computer in my primary school, so we had to walk a mile down the road to ‘the big school’. Then the day came when I got to got to ‘the big school’ the rest is history.

Following on from those early days I went on to build computers, code websites, design things and fiddle with the latest gadgets. I realised that I wanted to be a part of digital marketing, and decided that a degree in Multimedia & Business was the way to go.

If your looking for search engine optimisation (SEO) consultants in Leeds, or anywhere in the UK , please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m the Head of Technical and Insight at WMG; a search marketing company based in London, Harrogate, Leeds, United Kingdom. If your interested in having a chat with a Leeds SEO, give me a tweet @mocwoods, or say hello on Google+ and we can discuss how we can help you maximise your websites organic search potential.

Google Penalty & Link Removal Specialist
Seen a sudden drop in your sites traffic, rankings and conversions from organic search? Then there is a very high chance that you have been affected by the Google Penguin updates.

If you are looking for an SEO company in Leeds with a proven track record of removing Google Penalties, then look no further. I’ve been helping remove manual link spam Google penalties since before the days of Google Penguin. I work with the best industry experts and software providers to offer link removal and Google penalty removal services designed quite simply, to get the job done.

Read my recent article about What to do next if you’ve been affected by Penguin 2.0 and contact me for further details on how I can can remove your bad backlinks and restore your traffic today.

*I think that we should change what we do, not our job titles. This is the only way to clean up the SEO companies and SEO agencies across the world. I’m not against anyone changing their title away from “SEO…” but this isn’t going to solve the problem we face as an industry. 

The latest from my blog

I don't get to blog as much as I'd like to due to my work as both a SEO consultant and a SEO manager, but when I do it'll be here.

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