Easy tips for creating better landing pages

There’s no doubt that landing pages of are some of the most important elements of a website. Driving conversions and leads, they direct users to target pages and can focus user attention to particular offers or products.

However, converting site visitors to leads can be a little difficult, especially if you are a local company. If you’re currently setting up a small business online therefore, here are some tips that you want to pay attention to:

Critical elements are universal

The basic components of a landing page are largely the same, so it is important to remember the brick and mortar elements to every one.

Such factors usually include a headline, followed by a sub-headline, alongside a brief description of a product and or service, a supporting image, and supporting elements such as badges or share icons.

Many pages will also have forms to help capture visitor information, which we shall discuss later.

Local business making use of online custom.

Remember to use a call to action

A call to action (CTA), is necessary on nearly all landing pages, so it is worth taking the time out to consider what you want from each individual landing page.

Words like “submit” or “contact us here” tend not to do so well on landing pages, if you can, try and match the headline of the landing page to the corresponding CTA.

It’s worth remembering that if people click on a CTA for a certain product or offer and find that there is a catch in the landing page, the chances are that you’ll lose them forever.

Consider using the “voice of the customer” in your CTA copy, free of marketing buzzwords and terminology.

It is often found therefore, that speaking to customers in their own language is far more effective and can lead to higher conversion rates.

Design still matters

There’s no doubt that you need to spend a lot of design time on your homepage and other critical areas of your site, but landing pages matter too.

A clear, organised design that allows for easy conversion is key to the success of any landing page, so all its elements need to align so that it is easy for users to convert.

Smart landing pages make use of good imagery and clever colours and buttons.

Certain studies have shown that colours such as red or green lead to increased landing page conversions.

That said, minimalist pages also work well, so ensure a natural navigational flow that provides few distractions, such as ads and other pop ups.

Take into account what key information needs to be shown in a visitor’s direct line of vision and what can be put below a fold.

Any kind of local business must have strong landing pages.

Keep forms short and mobile friendly

If your aim is to sign people up to your website or some sort of newsletter, people don’t want to have to fill out long and complicated forms, especially if they are visiting on a mobile device.

As you may probably know, the more fields that a person must enter, the less chance there is of them completing the desired conversion, so ask only the essentials.

In fact, after submitting names and email addresses, responses can drop off by a massive 50% if people have to provide further information, such as phone numbers or their date of birth.

While we’re here, ensure that your forms are mobile friendly so that you’re converting as many users as possible.

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