Trying to raise £500 for Simon on the Streets, can you help us meet our target?

On the night of September 29th, some of the SEO team are doing their bit for charity and will be sleeping on the streets of Leeds for ‘Simon on the Streets’. Simon on the Streets is a charity that aims to help those who don’t have anywhere to live, especially those with sleeping issues who cannot get access to other services. In a city where there could be hundreds of homeless people it’s really important to us to do our bit and try and make a difference to these people’s lives.

Do you want to get involved?

If so, it’s not too late to sign up at, or if you don’t fancy that why not drop us a few quid on our JustGiving account.

 An agency called McGrath O’Toole has been working on a rebranding campaign for the charity and is currently in the process of launching a campaign to raise awareness about the charity.  A team of street artists have been working on some installations in Leeds city centre. They have managed to create 4 x #iamwithsimon installations, without getting in trouble (but that could be short lived) so they need your help quickly!

These are the sites in which the artwork has been placed….

  1. They’re hoping you can all make it down to one of the sites with your camera and photograph yourself in the scene and tweet the pic with ‘#iamwithsimon @simonotstreets’. They want to get #iamwithsimon trending and raise some decent awareness on the social media site. The arches between Livebait and Cattle Grid/Chilli White
  2. The alley on Headrow opposite Primark
  3. The side of NCP on Albion Street
  4. Under the arches next to Mecca bingo (the one by the bus station). This is my personal favourite (see below)

So spread the word and hopefully there will be more people interested in supporting this charity.

Good luck to Martin, David, Kirsty and Chris who will all be doing their bit for Simon on the Streets at the end of the month. Don’t forget to show your support by visiting our JustGiving page!

Thanks everyone, we really appreciate your generosity and support!

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